Breeding Grounds

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Breeding grounds are a specific parcels in Second Life where ATLust players get small stat boosts. Currently, these stats are increased male cum and potency regeneration, higher female fertility, and faster lust gain. These boosts are lost as soon as the player leaves the parcel. Breeding grounds can be found on the ATLust home page under the "Breeding Grounds" tab. Click the name of the breeding ground to open your Second Life map to its location.


You can apply to have your parcel designated as a breeding ground. It is intended to be used for places/clubs dedicated to sex and breeding. It will give ATLust players a place to meet up, as well as bring traffic to your land. The region must be adult rated, the parcel must have multiple adult furniture/poseballs, and the parcel must be open to the public. If approved. you will receive an "ATLust Breeding Ground" sign. At least one sign must be present on the parcel in order for your breeding ground to remain active.

To apply for your parcel to be a breeding ground, you must be the land owner. Send a notecard to Ariu Arai in Second Life with the following details.

Parcel/Land/Club Name: (This doesn't have the be the same name as the parcel, this is the name that will appear in the Breeding Grounds list)

SLURL or Landmark to the parcel:

Description: (Describe your land/club)


  1. Breeding grounds are identified by the parcel ID. Merging parcels may change the parcel ID. If this happens, contact Ariu Arai to have the parcel ID updated in the database.
  2. To find out if you're on a breeding ground, click the summary button. You will see "(On breeding ground)" in the summary.
  3. If you already have a breeding ground but need its information changed, on the ATLust home page, go to Other Stuff > My Breeding Grounds. If you need the parcel ID updated, please contact Ariu Arai.
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