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Sexually Transmitted Diseases, just like in the real world, are spread through having sex with someone who's infected. In ATLust, they're much less harmful and mostly do silly things, like make males climax uncontrollably. These are entirely optional and can be disabled by turning off the "STD's" option in your character's preferences. If you're already infected, you will only be able to turn of the "STD's" option if the disease is incurable. Otherwise, you must first cure yourself of the infection. You can avoid being infected by using condoms.

Detecting infections

To find out if you're infected, purchase and STD test from the item store and use it. You may also get notifications from the HUD that you feel "unwell". Although, not all infections produce symptoms. If your STD test finds infections, they will appear in the "Health" tab on the website.

Curing infections

Purchase "Medicine" from the store, then use it. Unlike in V1, taking medicine will affect all infections instead of just one. You can check the status of the infection on the "Health" tab of the website.

List of STD's

STD's in ATLust
Name Description Spread Method Medicine Required
Derpes A highly infectious disease that has no cure. Its negative effects are that you have it, and it has a silly name. Genitals, Oral Incurable
AYDS: Anthro Yiff Deficiency Syndrome A very serious disease, only spreads through sexual contact. Causes lowered health and is passed on through pregnancies. Genitals 10x
Furmydia Spread through sexual contact. Easily treatable. Can be spread through pregnancy. Genitals 2x
Jizzenpants A disease that only affects males. Causes them to randomly jizz in their pants, or prematurely inside of their partners. Females are unaffected, but are carriers of the disease. Genitals 4x
Oopsiampreg A disease that mostly affects females. Causes random ovulations. Spread through sexual contact. Easily treatable. Genitals 2x
Fleas A disease that only affects those with fur, but can be spread by all. Causes severe itching and spreads very quickly through most types of physical contact. It can also be spread if one is standing too close to an infected character. Physical 2x

Medicine Required: How many times must medicine be used to cure the disease.

Spread Method: What type of contact spreads this disease.