ATLust Wiki


Titles in ATLust are earned, similar in ways to achievements in other games. Earning a title lets you place the title next to your name and you will receive a sum of SexP as an additional reward. Titles are tied to characters. Some titles such as the Virgin one can be lost.

Name Requirement SexP Reward
The Indecisive Activate a character 100 times 1000
Cum Slut Get creampied 100 times 5000
Inseminator Make 100 creampies 5000
Mother Give birth to a child 500
Father Father a child 500
Clown Car Be pregnant with 50 or more babies at the same time 1000
Stud Father 100 children 5000
Baby Factory Mother 100 children 5000
Virgin This title is lost as soon as you penetrate, or are penetrated. 50
Cum Queen Get creampied 1000 times 10,000
Cum King Make 1000 creampies 10,000
Incubator Get oviposited into 100 times 500
Face Hugger Oviposit into others 100 times 500
Exhibitionist Be seen having sex by 5 or more people simultaneously. 1000
PornStar Be seen having sex by 10 more people simultaneously. 5000
Old Timer Have a character that was created over a year ago 1000
Ancient Have a character that was created over two years ago 2000
Prehistoric Have a character that was created over three years ago 3000
Memberberry Have a character that was imported from ATLust V1 (Source) 100
Cum Dumpster Remain inseminated for 30 consecutive days 5000
Virgin Mother Give birth while being a virgin 500
Bag of Holding Be pregnant with 250 or more babies at the same time 10,000
Accomplished Satisfy 100 of your own desires 2500
Desirable Satisfy 500 of your own desires 10,000
Well Protected Use 300 condoms or 100 birth control pills 1000
Slut Have 15 unique sex partners 1000
Village Bicycle Have 30 unique sex partners 5000
Turbo Slut Have 50 unique sex partners 10000
Portal Slut Have portal sex 50 times 1000
Portal Aficianado Have portal sex 100 times 2500
Portal Addict Have portal sex 250 times 5000
MILF Have a character that has mothered children and was created over a year ago. 5000
Cum Sponge Receive more than 50ltrs of cum. 7500
Sperm Bank Remain inseminated for 60 consecutive days 10000
Penetrator Penetrate others 250 times 2500
Dick Magnet Get penetrated 250 times 2500
Irresistible Get teased 250 times 2500
Alluring Get teased 100 times 1000
Pickup Artist Tease 250 times 2500
Teaser Tease 100 times 1000